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About Voluno We at Voluno, the Volunteer Net Work for Development, want to enable people to save the world while sitting comfortably at home on the couch. We want to offer a free service with which it becomes possible to help people in developing countries in a highly effective and sustainable way, without even having to donate money or to go abroad. Using online volunteering, we want to enable volunteers in countries like Germany to support local development organizations in developing countries: solely by donating their time and, thereby, their knowledge and skills. This is highly effective, since these services can be worth hundreds of Euros. At the same time, it is highly sustainable, since we actively encourage the transfer of skills from volunteers to local workers. Additionally, the volunteers benefit themselves: They learn new skills and enhance existing ones. Furthermore, they attain insights into the organizational processes of local development organizations, foreign cultures and the topic of global development in general.
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In general, we’re always happy to welcome newirregular volunteersinto our team, who support Voluno whenever they have time and find
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Jobbmuligheter i Voluno
Jobbmuligheter i Voluno
Do YOU want to become a part of Voluno? Our organization is currently being established by an unsalaried and international team whose members are scattered all over the world. In general, we’re always happy to welcome new irregular volunteers into our team, who support Voluno whenever they have time and find a task that fits their capabilities and interests. Looking for an internship? We’re offering a full time ‘Social Entrepreneur‘ oppertunity in Voluno’s IT department.

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