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Market-leading spare parts distributor in northern Europe

Well positioned for profitable growth
MEKO (former Mekonomen Group) is a leading spare parts distributor with well-known concepts and brands in Northern Europe – number 1 in the market in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and number 4 in the Polish market with exports to Germany, the Czech Republic and the Baltics, among others.

Efficient purchasing and logistics flows
Through optimized purchasing, stock levels and transports, we create efficient product flows. Our large purchasing volumes and our broad portfolio of our own brands provide the opportunity for competitive and differentiated offers to our customers. Order management and sales platforms are mainly digital, and through our efficient logistics chain, we can offer workshops and other business customers high availability, a broad product range and fast deliveries.

Cost synergies and competitive advantages through size
Our size gives us competitive advantages and positive synergy effects. In addition to this, we have the possibility of investing in, and remaining on the forefront of, the customer offerings, logistics and support systems of the future. We have customized workshop concepts and are an attractive collaborative partner for new and established actors who are seeking effective sales channels or establishment in our markets.

Strong cash flows and a stable financial position
We have a fundamentally solid business and a strong and strategic focus on profitable growth. Our business model has a low capital requirement and generates strong and stable cash flows through a high percentage of repeat business. This gives us the conditions for further expansion to new markets and service areas, both organically and through acquisitions, dividends to our shareholders and an ever lower debt/equity ratio.

A sustainable business for the future
MEKO seeks to drive sustainable development in our industry. We have taken an active role in the transformation towards a smaller fossil-fuel-dependent car fleet through service, repairs and products for electric and hybrid electric cars. Our own training academies ensure relevant expertise and train the next generation of automotive technicians. We seek to be the car owner’s first choice regardless of model and fuel.

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Danmark, Estland, Finland, Latvia, Litauen, Norge, Polen, Sverige
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MEKO Traineeprogram
MEKO´s trainee program is an international leadership development program in which we combine core business work practice with practical and theoretical strategy and give you the opportunity to build an extensive international network with colleagues in Northern Europe.  Accelerate together with MEKO Talent ProgramOur program is a unique start to a promising career, and we promise to challenge you and invest in your future – we give you the support and you capture the opportunity. In the ongoing program, we have 13 participants spread across our business areas in Northern Europe. The program lasts for 15 months and is divided into three different blocks that are continuously combined with practice, theory and assignments at a strategic level. During at least one of the blocks, participants will work abroad in one of our markets in northern Europe. Programs are adapted to each participant's education, competence, ambition and interest. What is MEKO Talent Program? MEKO Talent Program is the next generation Trainee Program. It’s an international leadership development program in which we combine core business work practice with practical and theoretical strategy and give you the opportunity to build an extensive international network with colleagues in Northern Europe.  Why start MEKO Talent Program? We’re looking for unique talents to join our new Trainee Program and our mobility journey.  The right people and expertise are needed in order to ensure a long-term sustainable business and meet the customers’ and surrounding world’s requirements and expectations therefor we start MEKO Talent Program.  Who can apply to MEKO Talent Program? What you need to qualify: • University degree or similar in the field of administration, finance, IT, Engineering, Marketing, International Business Management or similar.• You have a maximum of 2 years’ experience of working in a professional environment.• You are fluent in at least English and one of Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish.• Foreign study experience is an advantage. What qualities do you look for in the candidate? You are curious, committed, willing to try new things and learn. You have good communication skills and the ambition to develop both yourself and our business. With a flexible approach, you can take on and adapt to new situations and focus on solutions. You can both lead and participate in the implementation and realization of the strategy. Working strategically and doing yourself are equally important to contribute to the business development.  How long is the Trainee Program? 15 months.  Do I need to complete any tests or cases to be accepted? Yes, personality as well as competence is important to us, therefor there will be testing of personality, skills as well as case discussions ongoing during the selection process.  What does the structure of the program look like? The program is divided into three different blocks which are continuously combined with training and assignments at a strategic level.  What specializations are there to choose from? Your specific program will be adapted to your education, competence, and ambition as well as to where you are aiming in the organization.  When does the Trainee Program start? Our ongoing program started in the beginning of 2023. Next program will start in the beginning of 2025.   When is the application period open? Application for MEKO Talent Program 2025 will open during autumn 2024.  Where will I be? You start from one of MEKO’s head offices in the country you applied for. The program include travels domestic and abroad.  Who will be my mentor and supervisor? Based on your profile, you will be matched with a mentor. Your mentor is a person with a leading role within the Group. A supervisor will be assigned based on your current location. In each block, you will visit different places and gain insight into several parts of the Group, and the supervisor will be an expert in that area.  Do I get a salary if I’m accepted? Yes, you receive a salary from MEKO and we also pay for the travel and expenses required for you to complete the program.  Will I get a permanent position after the trainee year? Yes, this is a long-term collaboration and after your trainee period you continue your career and development within MEKO.


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