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Easyshopper AS is a growing company based on affiliate marketing with discount coupons and content.
Through agreements with retailers, known brands and affiliate networks we create discount coupons and content articles. We stand behind the website, www.littbilligere.no and cooperate with Aller Media on their cupon sites for Dagbladet and KK.

​​We also collaborate and create content for Aller's websites: www.dagbladet.no, www.dinside.no, www.seher.no and www.kk.no.

​Easyshopper AS was established in 2012 and have grown to become one of the leading provider of discount codes in Norway. We have ambitions to make our sites to the natural first choice for all Norwegians when they shop online and to give our costumers tips, advises and offers trough great content. With good search capabilities, a good overview of online shoppers and many product categories we hope to achieve this goal.

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