Can you tell me about your background?

I have a Master’s Degree in Marine Technology from NTNU, with specialization within Project Management and Optimization.

Describe a “regular” day at work for you?

I work as a Project Engineer in a department called Subsea Installation. My day at work will depend on where we are in the project process, but my main task will be further development of the installation scope I am responsible for. The main areas of a project process are: Development of installation method, detailed engineering of the scope and nally, going out on the eld to follow-up the actual installation. Being there throughout the entire project process, is the best description of what I do, and also the main reason for why I love my job.

How do you use your education in the work you do for TechnipFMC?

- A basic understanding of the industry came in handy when I rst started my job, in addition to some of the subjects in mechanics, physics and project work.

- However, the most important tool I developed throughout my years at NTNU was the ability to learn and understand, to see what is important and how to use this information to solve the tasks ahead.

Do you have any advice for the students reading this?

- Apply for summer jobs and don’t be afraid to get personal with people from the companies when they are at your school. It was my summer job in TechnipFMC that gave me an understanding of subsea installation and showed me that this was something I wanted to work with, not any subject or project in school.

- Remember that as an engineer you are not tied down by your specialization, it is your ability to think, try and solve that makes you good.