Can you tell me about your background?

I have a Bachelor in Embedded Systems from “Høyskolen i Buskerud” (HiBU). This is a Computer Engineering Degree, with some specialization towards embedded systems development.

Describe a “regular” day at work for you?

- My day starts with a daily stand-up meeting on video between our teams in Lysaker and Kongsberg. After that I pair up with another developer on my team to work on user stories from our product backlog. This continues until lunch, or if there’s any meetings that I need to attend. After lunch we pair up again, and continue to work on user stories.

- Every other week we also run Iteration Planning Meetings for the products we work on, and point those. So that we always have a healthy backlog of stories to work-on through the next two weeks.

How do you use your education in the work you do for TechnipFMC?

- Most of my day is spent in front of the computer together with another developer, writing code to solve business problems with the products we create. I think general problem-solving skills, communication and coding fundamentals are the most important assets I have from my education.

Do you have any advice for the students reading this?

- Always be curious and eager to learn. You can never get good at something you don’t even know exists! Also, being a student is a great time to explore new things, meet new people and make friends. Enjoy this great time in your life.