Can you tell me about your background?

- I have a Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from NTNU.

Describe a “regular” day at work for you?

- My work day is very varied throughout the year, depending on which stage of the project we are in. A typical “of ce” day consists of meetings, emails, preparing documentation for fabrication, and technical discussions with subcontractors, clients and co-workers. When we are in production or have crew on site, I combine of ce work and site work.

- Working on a fabrication site, you are typically involved throughout the entire project phase, from tender to load out, meaning you have quite varied tasks.

How do you use your education in the work you do for TechnipFMC?

From a technical aspect, the basics of metallurgy and mechanical properties of metals and alloys is what I use the most in my line of work. I have also bene tted from being used to working in interdisciplinary teams, communicating in English, writing scientific reports and doing presentations.

Do you have any advice for the students reading this?

- Enjoy your time as a student and choose subjects according to your interests.