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KAIBOSH WAS ESTABLISHED IN BERGEN, NORWAY IN 2013. We are a young, independent company dedicated to creating high quality glasses and sunglasses at the forefront of fashion. Our team of designers and product developers create all our concepts in-house - painstakingly blending the latest trends, sociological observations and technical excellence to produce stunning pieces of eyewear. We believe in fair and easy-to-understand pricing and we aim to delight and inspire our customers by offering new perspectives on the role of eyewear as an accessory.. Our eyewear is available in our own signature stores, on-line at KAIBOSH.COM, and in leading fashion and lifestyle stores around the world.

KAIBOSH is an eyewear concept that rebels against the old and conservative way of selling glasses. We do this by offering beautifully designed eyewear at revolutionary prices. Everything we sell is 100% Kaibosh design from Norway.

We believe you deserve to own more than one pair of glasses, you should mix and match depending on mood, outfit and occasion, in other words, express yourself! In the future this will be just as normal as owning several pairs of shoes.

Whilst other places have complicated prices and crazy mark-ups, we keep things simple and affordable. And we never compromise on quality. Welcome to price heaven.

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