Instrument technician and electrician

Location: Egersund, Norway

Education: Apprentice

Joined Aker Solutions: 2010

Lasse's first encounter with Aker Solutions was when doing work experience in 2008. He joined the company as an instrument technician apprentice two years later and now works as a supervisor for a team within electrical engineering, instruments and telecommunication – also known as EIT trades.

How did you get all these opportunities?

Since the very beginning at Aker Solutions, I noticed that as long as you say yes to opportunities, new ones will come your way. I always take on the challenges presented to me – including the more repetitive and routine ones. Doing this has made my manager notice my willingness and continue to provide me with more challenges. One of these challenges took me to Korea for six weeks on the Gina Krogh project.

How has your career developed?

I started out as an apprentice to become an instrument technician and only a few months after securing my certificate of apprenticeship, I got the chance to start the process towards a second certificate, this time as an electrician.

Aker Solutions supported me with flexible working hours and I went to school part time in the evenings. I am now working as a supervisor within the EIT trades group. I work closely with the onshore engineers and am in charge of scheduling tasks executed offshore and the hand over to the customer.

What do you think the future holds for you?

I am the type of person who needs new challenges and different tasks to stay interested. I trust that Aker Solutions will give me the opportunities I need to continuously develop so I am confident that my future is here. I am about to finalize a degree at a technical institute and hope that will allow me to move into an engineering position at the company and provide me with more responsibility.