Funcom Oslo AS

Internett tjenester / E-handel, IT: Hardware / Software

Funcom is an award-winning independent developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online games.

We were founded in 1993 and during the 22 years that have followed since, the company has developed and published over 25 game titles across several genres and gaming platforms. Most notable of these are the online games 'The Secret World®', 'Age of Conan' and 'Anarchy Online®', each of them bringing together players from all over the world. Funcom has also developed several single-player classics, such as the highly critically acclaimed 'The Longest Journey®' and 'Dreamfall®’. The most recent game developed and published is 'LEGO® Minifigures Online'. Based on the hugely popular LEGO Minifigures brand, the game sends players off on great adventures through themed worlds all built in the beloved and instantly familiar LEGO style.

Today close to 100 talented individuals are working at Funcom, spread out across our studios in Oslo, Norway and Durham, North Carolina studio.

One of the key reasons for Funcom's achievements in the MMO segment is the development of the Company's proprietary technology platform 'DreamWorld Technology'. This platform and all its associated tools gives the developers the flexibility and power needed to create some of the most advanced virtual worlds on the market. After years of continuous development and upgrades, the 'DreamWorld Technology' has become one of the most powerful game engines available.

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General Manager


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