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Creative Talent Solutions is an all-female boutique company specialising in talent sourcing, development and related consultancy. Our experience is in the public sphere at a policy level, in the corporate world working directly with companies and with individuals through coaching and training.

What differentiates Creative Talent Solutions? Our mix of backgrounds enable us to think big and strategically but act decisively and practically. Our experience in managing intra-national and international programmes and projects empowers us to see the bigger picture. Our expertise in working directly with companies in talent sourcing and development activities provides us with a sharpened understanding of HR practices that impact the bottom-line. Our direct relations with individuals as employment candidates or trainees provide us with an emphatic outlook in our work.

We pride ourselves of our hard-earned expertise in the human capital field and our collaborations with public stakeholders, various employers, corporate entities and individuals. We have had the pleasure of working in different sectors and putting into practice our backgrounds which bring together public policy, strategy development, talent management, programme and project management, training and ICT.

We have lined up a number of services that are different from the current market offerings. The services are based on our analysis of the competition’s failures. Our service propositions are based on our core value and our mission. We believe that empowerment will ultimately make the whole difference: so we strive to empower our clients to be in a better position to achieve their strategic policy objectives, their profit margins or their life goals.

Our service portfolio is currently focusing on: eSkills and Talent Consultancy, HR Transformation Consultancy, Recruitment and Executive Search services, and Empowerment offerings which bring together coaching, soft skills training and internship opportunitiies.

As you browse through the respective sections we highlight our unique value proposition for each service proposition. Get in touch if you would like to find the right business partner who is ready to match your investment with professionalism, dedication and commitment to realise your ultimate business or life goal.

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