Adelheid Wiegand
Fotojournalist, oversetter, webdesigner Sel
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Entusiastisk, språkkyndig og reiseglad gründer med bred erfaring innen fotojournalisme, PR, digitale medier, webdesign, idé / konseptutvikling samt salg og markedsføring. Evner å sette meg inn i det meste for å produsere tekst og bilder som fenger publikum. Elsker mennesker og kommunikasjon på høyt nivå og har et bredt spekter av interesser. Som fotojournalist har jeg i årenes løp levert til alt fra internasjonale tattoveringsmedier som Engelske "SkinDeep" og "Tattoo Revolution" til nisjemedier som "Pinstripes and Custom Culture" - også Engelsk. Siden jeg i 2013 flyttet tilbake til Norge etter nesten 20 år utenlands, har jeg levert alt fra pressemeldinger og portrettintervju til webinnhold, salg og markedsrelaterte tekster for bruk i sosiale medier. Med en allsidig kompetanse og erfaring tar jeg på meg skriveoppdrag innen det aller meste. Les mer
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jun 2021 Nåværende Customer Care Advisor, Digitale Medier 1881 AS
Fast ansettelse, Heltid Hjemmekontor / remote, Oslo
okt 2016 jun 2021 Customer Service Agent, Opplysningen 1881 avd. Otta
Prosjekt / Engasjement, Heltid / deltid Sel

- At the number-enquiry 1881 my duty is to respond to all customer inquiries in due time, where it be on the phone or pr. Text-message. When working on voice-calls I would handle up to 350 calls a day where my respond time and customer service level is monitored. Since starting at 1881 my score and performance is amongst the highest throughout the company. This position demands the ability to communicate with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations, moods and walk of life. I take great pride in delivering high scores, a great turnover and a high level customer service. - I also provide our customers travel-advice and assistance where need be. At 1881 we offer the service of assisting the public with guidance in getting from A to B within our own country as well as abroad. This requires a great efficiency in locating the correct time-tables, corresponding time-tables for bus, ferry, train, the tube, tram and airplanes. Map-reading is required too. - Working in the area of text-messaging, 1881 provides a service where our customers can ask us anything at all. These messages are to be replied to within certain time-limits. Some answers provided by 1881 are fact-based and require extensive and efficient research, while others rely on creativity and humor as well as facts with efficient and extensive research being paramount throughout.

mai 2014 Nåværende General Manager, U2pia AS
Fast ansettelse, Heltid Sel
Projected & Built the company from scratch, Sales, Marketing, journalism, translations, Customer-care, communication, design, Web-design, Invoicing, Team-leading, Event-management, Search-engine optimization, Advertisement, Photography, Picture editing, Concept and Idea-development, digital and social profiling and any other duties related to running your own business. Due to the lack of profitable projects u2pia will no longer be operative as of the 1 of September 2016.
okt 2004 Nåværende Freelance photo-journalist / Journalist, Freelance , International Consultant
Frilans, Heltid / deltid Irland, England, USA, Sel
Portrait studio, Photo-journalism for UK, Ireland, Norway and US-based publications
aug 2013 apr 2016 Financial Advisor, Gjensidige ASA
Fast ansettelse, Heltid Sel
Develop a portfolio of genuine prospects for long and short-term business, lead meetings giving financial advice, coaching and mentoring internally, IT-responsibility, meet weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly budgets, administration, CRM on high levels, sales and marketing. I left my position to start my own company.
mai 2011 jun 2013 Customer Support Engineer, Aspect Software
Fast ansettelse, Heltid Irland
First point of contact for technical support, providing technical advice across a range of Aspect products and solutions running mainly on Microsoft NT, Linux & 2000 platforms. The position requires me to demonstrate clear thinking under pressure and possess excellent communication skills ensuring confidence in Aspect is maintained. Working Knowledge of Sun Solaris and Sybase/Oracle, Aspect products and Microsoft platforms, accurate & timely documentation of support-cases, summarize complex information. Deliver against quarterly individual and team support metrics in areas including case closure, average speed of answer and customer satisfaction. Manage customer relationships through direct communication with customers or partners to ensure timely and focused escalation situations. Diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and debug complex computer systems and software. Respond to situations where end users have failed to isolate or resolve problems in malfunctioning equipment or software. Remotely access call-center systems, automatic call-distribution servers as well as voice over IP systems, to locate, diagnose and repair any malfunction. I left Aspect to relocate to Norway with my two children.
mar 2010 apr 2011 Software Licensing Support Specialist, Hewlett-Packard Ireland
Fast ansettelse, Heltid Irland
Assisting engineers with the licensing process for HP products and third party products. Analyzing license key issues experienced by the customers or engineers, prepare reports to resolve the issues and to improve the process. Advising HP Partners on HP product supply chain on licensing procedures. Responsible for licensing escalations for VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and LeftHand Working with Software Contract Administrators in order to aid customers and HP Partners with contract issues. Development of product licensing procedure documents Responsible for training new staff in licensing procedure and the HP supply chain, class-room training as well as phone and desk-training. Sadly, my division was relocated to Mexico, meaning we all lost our jobs.
mai 2006 mai 2009 Business owner / General Manager, Vogue Events
Fast ansettelse, Heltid Irland
Built the company from scratch, Sales, Marketing, Customer-care, communication, Event design and Decoration, Web-design, Book-keeping, Invoicing, Import, Team-leading, Event-management, Search-engine optimization, Advertisement, worked closely with Hotels & Catering companies throughout the country.
jan 2001 mar 2002 Recruitment Consultant, Temp-Team
Fast ansettelse, Heltid Oslo
Responsible for recruiting and interviewing candidates for placement in positions within sales, marketing and administration
mai 2000 des 2000 Ass. Night Manager, Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel
Prosjekt / Engasjement, Heltid Oslo
7-month temping-contract. Responsible for the Hotel and its guests at night, maintain a high standard of customer service, Team-leading, responsible for a team of 3 employees, operate all computer-based systems, handle and resolve issues, problems and situations of all kind that occurring at night in a centrally located hotel with 673 rooms.
aug 2013 nov 2016 Financial Advisor, Gjensidigeskolen
Annet  Oslo 
Financial Advisor
Certified Financial and Insurance Advisor at Gjensidigeslkolen
jun 2011 jul 2011 IT and Telephony configuration / IKT, Aspect Software Courses
Annet  England 
Unified IP Advanced List Management Foundational Essentials, London - June 2011 Unified IP Advanced List Management Outbound, London - June 2011 Unified IP Telephony Configuration, Frankfurt, Germany - July 2011 Unified Command and Control Real Time Reporting, Frankfurt, Germany - June 2011
Certified Aspect Technical support engineer
jul 1994 jul 1995 Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Goethe Instituttet
Årsstudium  Sveits 
Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a foreign language, Linguistics).
93% av 100 oppnåelige
aug 1990 jun 1993 General studies, Otta vidaregåande skole
Annet  Sel 
A-levels in Norwegian, German, English and French B-levels in Geography, History & Physical Education
Generell studiekompetanse
Annen erfaring
okt 2014 mai 2015 MOT i brystet - charity project in aid of breast cancer , u2pia as
Troms og Finnmark, Nordland, Trøndelag, Møre og Romsdal, Vestland, Rogaland, Agder, Vestfold og Telemark, Innlandet, Oslo, Viken
Created a calendar with images of women with the breast in focus. The calendar was sold in aid of Norway's Breast cancer society.
jan 2012 sep 2012 Projectmanager - Charity, We climb for kids in aid of Crumlin Childrens Hospital
Irland, Tanzania
A charity project in aid of children with cancer at the Crumlin Childrens Hospital in Dublin. We gathered over 10000 Euro in aid of the hospital and climbed Kilimanjaro in relation to this.
jan 2010 mar 2011 Project manager - Charity, Ash animal shelter, Ireland
Produced a calendar: Puppy Love, in aid of the non-state funded and no-kill-policy dog shelter: Ash. Photographed pin-up girls with puppies, created a calendar which was sold in aid of the shelter. The project reached international media and caused a frenzie.
jan 2004 mai 2006 Maternity Leave, Maternity Leave
Irland, Oslo
Two years maternity leave in relation the birth of my two children, born only a year apart.
feb 2003 aug 2003 Restaurant Manager / Barkeeper, The Dubliner Folks pub
mar 2002 feb 2003 Freelance Journalist while on working holiday in Australia, Freelance journalist
Went on a working holiday in Australia and wrote about the country and my experiences while driving around the whole country.
jun 1996 feb 1997 Freelance journalist while backpacking around the world, Freelance journalist while travelling
Cook Øyene, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sveits, Thailand, Tyskland, USA, Australia
Travelled around the world to learn about new cultures and languages. Wrote about my travels for local publications.
sep 1995 mai 1996 Waitress, Restaurant Elefant
mai 1993 des 1994 tourist guide, shop-assistant, Lillehammer Olympic Arena
Guiding English, American and German tourists around the Olympic Arenas. Providing tourist-information in English and German, Shop-keeping, and waitressing.
Engelsk Flytende Flytende Nei
Norsk Flytende Flytende Ja
Tysk Middels Middels Nei
Ferdigheter og kompetanser
Team Management
Kommunikasjon, tekst og PR
Ledelse og organisasjonsutvikling
Teamcoaching / Gruppecoaching
Forretningsområde (IT)
Kunderelasjonshåndtering (CRM) (IT)
Salg og markedsføring
Kompetanseområde (IT)
Multimedia (IT)
Telefoni (IT)
Operativsystem (IT)
Windows 2000 (IT)
Windows 2003 (IT)
Windows 95-98 (IT)
Windows NT (IT)
Windows XP (IT)
Programvare/verktøy (IT)
MS Internet Explorer (IT)
Microsoft Excel (IT)
Microsoft Exchange (IT)
Microsoft Office (IT)
Microsoft Outlook (IT)
Microsoft PowerPoint (IT)
Microsoft Word (IT)
SuperOffice (IT)
Sosiale ferdigheter og kompetanser Fluent in Norwegian, English and very good German (oral as written). I take pride in being punctual, flexible and business-minded. I have Good organizational skills, Administrative, Creative, I work well under pressure; Structured, Result-oriented and Hard-working. Open-minded, Easy to talk to, Social, Independent and Positive. Good communication-skills and love dealing with people. I take directions well but can work independently too. I'm reliable and take great pride in what I do - no matter
Organisatoriske ferdigheter og kompetanser I am focussed, driven and tenacious in the extreme in terms of driving service. Aiming to be a role model in understanding and demonstrating great customer commitment. I have not failed to deliver on any commitment made to customers and colleagues alike – something which clearly demonstrates my tenacity. I'm known to be outstanding when it comes to communication at all levels.
IT-ferdigheter og kompetanser MAC, MS Network and operation systems, Linux, Oracle, IP-telephony configuration, Remote access, SAP Kenobi, VMware, MS Office, Outlook, Frontpage, Digi Foto, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Internet, HTML, xml and css, ACD and VoIP, SQL Webdesign.
Kunstneriske ferdigheter og kompetanser Webdesign, photography, picture-editing, painting, drawing
Annen info
Furniture restoration
Social media
My family
Personbil (B)