Internship/deltid Ingeniør i Automasjon/Prosess/UX UI/Web developer - DOSCON AS

Bredt utvalg med prosjekter; AI/Machine learning, CoDeSys med PLS og SCADA, HMI UX/UI, back-end data management strukturer, feltarbeid i renseanlegg

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Om internshipet

Bredt utvalg med prosjekter; AI/Machine learning, CoDeSys med PLS og SCADA, HMI UX/UI, back-end data management strukturer, feltarbeid i renseanlegg

Explore www.doscon.no and www.doscon.no/literature to see the many avenues of research/FoU and product development we are happy to pursue with you as part of your time with us! Vi jobber i norske og engelsktalende team.

The candidate will be involved in both on-site work and desk work. The desk work (practical work at the office premises), will include joining the team in brain-storming sessions on new developments, solutions for troubleshooting, as well as contribute in development/assembly/programming/test of new units ready for new customers or for in-house testing of new concepts. Site work may include visiting new and old clients to install and service online sensors connected to our units, and other involvements in field tests related to your specialty. An experienced staff member will always conduct on-site visits with the candidate. The candidate will be working in a highly innovative, young and dynamic team with a friendly and supportive atmosphere including social events (regrettably affected by COVID-19 conditions). Exceptionally good candidates will find good possibilities to continue as a process engineer++, also in combination with PhD studies, as DOSCON continues to grow.

Desired abilities:

  • General programming skills. (for process control and PLC)
  • Knowledge on the use of IoT in process control, cloud technology, machine learning, statistics.
  • Other abilities that match the fields of Automasjon/Prosess/UX UI/Web development/AI/Machine learning/Vann og avløp
  • Ambition of continuing with PhD after internship and studies is an advantage, but not a requirement

Desired and/or required qualifications:

  • We are seeking students, newly graduates and/or experienced engineers with a desire to develop research and commercialised projects in a growing company.
  • Bachelors or Masters is desired, but not required.
  • For some of our roles, an ambition to pursue a PhD at a later stage in your career will be an advantage.
  • For field work and technical construction roles, fagbrev/vocational qualifications or experience are an advantage.

About us:

At present, DOSCON provides products and services to customers in Norway and China. DOSCON staffs 10 employees, where 7 are in Norway and a majority hold or are completing their PhD’s. Our specialists in advanced statistics, data science, water & wastewater treatment technology and process control apply IoT and BigData concepts to secure DOSCON’s position as a first-mover of unique and innovative products to treatment plants.

A prime example is how our first installation (20 km from Oslo) continues giving over 30% reduction in chemicals consumption, saving the client over 80 000 USD/year while securing an improved environmental footprint of the plant.

As a new employee, you will work towards increasing DOSCON’s competitiveness by creating similar client success stories. Our modern Norwegian office is situated in Oslo, 10 mins from the city centre by public transport.

For more information, see our LinkedIn profile
Please apply via www.doscon.no/apply


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