EKOenergi for Norge - EKOenergy

International network of environmental NGOs looks for Norwegian volunteer to get EKOenergy started in Norway

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EKOenergy is a recently launched network of 31 environmental NGOs willing to promote renewable electricity. That network owns and manages the EKOenergy label, the first and only pan-European ecolabel for electricity.We are looking for Norwegian volunteers and interns, to help us to establish contacts with Norwegian stakeholders (NGOs, electricity suppliers,...)

At the EKOenergy Secretariat, there are 2 employees and a varying number of volunteers and trainees (usually between 4 and 6). Also 5 of our Network members have staff working on EKOenergy (Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, France)

The EKOenergy employees, volunteers and trainees are also part of the ‘Nature and Environmental Protection Department’ of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation employs about 30 employees. Most of them work at the main office in Helsinki.

We can offer a variety of tasks and we are relatively flexible. We try to come up with tasks that are in line with the expectations of the volunteer or trainee.


  • Contacts with environmental organizations and electricity companies in various countries (via e-mail, skype and telephone)
  • Following up the registration of power plants (in particular hydropower plants) into the EKOenergy system
  • Communication about renewable energy/electricity (facebook, twitter,…)
  • Updating databases
  • Translations (We are in particular looking for native Norwegians)
  • Layout of publications
  • Setting up activities (depending on the personal interest of the volunteer)


Antall interns Tiltredelse
1 Any time, contact the EKOenergy Secretariat
Arbeidssted Yrke
Internship / praksisplass: Økonomi, marked og administrasjon
Fagområde Bransje
Økonomi, marked og administrasjon NGO - Ikke-statlige organisasjoner

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