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Equinor Graduate 2024 – ​Subsurface: Reservoir And Production Technology​

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As a graduate at Equinor,you’llbe joining 21,000 colleagues delivering oil, gas, wind and solar power to 170 million people worldwide.By 2050,we aimtobecomea net-zerocompanyand deliverthe energy the world needs without contributingto globalwarming. It’s one of the defining challenges of our time and attracting and developing the brightest minds will becritical to our success. 

The programme lasts for 2-years andincludes rotations of3-12months across functions, business areas or locations.

The position

Working in Reservoir and Production Engineering at Equinor means joining our global Subsurface network, comprising of approximately 1,800 professionals dedicated to developing and managing Equinor's hydrocarbon resources in a profitable, safe, and energy-efficient manner.

As a graduate in this field, you’ll embark on an exciting journey, working across various departments and value chains, from traditional oil and gas to cutting-edge research and technology development - including emerging areas like carbon capture and storage. Collaboration and programming skills are at the forefront of our work, allowing you to contribute to Equinor's growth in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

You'll be part of multidisciplinary teams, gaining hands-on experience in reservoir and production technology, exploration, field development, production, abandonment, portfolio transactions, and the development of innovative technologies that shape the future of the industry.


When joining our team in Subsurface Reservoir and Production Technology tasks may include:

  • Conducting reservoir characterization studies to understand the geological and fluid properties of hydrocarbon reservoirs.
  • Analysing production data and performance to optimize well and reservoir management strategies.
  • Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to design and implement enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques to maximize hydrocarbon extraction.
  • Performing reservoir simulation studies to predict reservoir behavior and optimize production strategies.
  • Evaluating and recommending drilling and completion strategies for new wells based on reservoir and production considerations.
  • Monitoring and analysing production performance, identifying opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction.
  • Participating in field development planning, including well spacing, facility design, and production forecasting, to maximize recovery and profitability.

Tasks may vary depending on your background, interest, and other factors.


Some qualities are essential for Equinor. You identify with our values, open, collaborative, courageous and caring, which guide our decisions and help us succeed and grow. You make safety your priority and contribute to our zero-harm culture. For this position, we are also looking for:

  • Master’s degree or PhD with good academic record within :
    - Mathematics and Physics 

    - Petroleum Technology (reservoir and production technology)
    - Computer/Data Science
    - Mechanical Engineering
    - Cybernetics and Electronics
    - Chemical Engineering
    - Other scientific line of university study.
  • Additional education is also relevant.​

  • Completed degree by the year of starting (2024).
  • Fluent in English.
  • No more than two years of relevant fulltime work experience.
  • Formal experience is not a requirement.
  • Extracurricular activities and/or voluntary work is an advantage.

Your personal qualities:

  • Ability to live by our safety and security expectations.
  • High ethical standards.
  • Good communicationskills.
  • Global mindset. 
  • Team player with the ability to work and deliver results in a diverse environment.
  • Have a positive attitude to take on new challenges and adapt to dynamic environments.

Equinor is an equal opportunitiesemployerand we welcome applications from all candidates who meet the educational and experience requirements, including candidates with disabilities. If you have any specific requirements for any stage in our process, then please make this clear in your application and our team will be happy to support you.

General information

Please make sure that when applying, you attach the following:

  • CV/ resume in English.
  • Transcripts of records (or other documents describing subjects and grades) in English or Scandinavian language obtained to this point during your studies. If you are in the process of completing a degree, please upload an official temporary transcript.

Applications submitted without these attachments will unfortunately not be evaluated. 

To ensure an efficient recruitment process, please be informed that you may apply for a maximum of 3 Graduate roles per country.

Candidates are expected to openly offer all relevant information about themselves during the recruitment process. All permanent and temporary hires will be screened against relevant sanctions lists to ensure compliance with sanctions law.


Why join us?

To succeed together, we all need to feel able to perform at our bestThat’swhy we offer: 

  • Learning and development. You’ll have access to on-the-job-training and mandatory physical and virtual learning modules, work rotations, networking opportunities and access to courses offered by our Equinor university.You’llalso get abuddyand a mentor to help you adapt andprovide adviceduring theprogramme. 

  • Wellness and work-life balance. Our benefits packages are designed to help you balance work and life at all stages of your career, including health insurance and other benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, a flexible working policy and a global parental leave policy. We alsoprovideaccess to holiday cabins in Norway and selected other locations.  

  • An inclusive culture. An inclusive culture allows us to harness the unique experiences,knowledge,and backgrounds of our21,000 employees.Ultimately, webelievewe’llbe more creative, innovative, and resilient if everyone in Equinor feels safe in bringing their whole self and their ideas to work.  

  • Financial rewards. Equinor’s compensation package includescompetitivecash compensation and an opportunity to join our share savings plan. In most of our locations we offer pension arrangements aiming to safeguard our employees after retirement. 

For more information visit Equinor’s website: Get a career kick start - Equinor


Om arbeidsgiveren

We're Equinor, an international energy company committed to long-term value creation in a low-carbon future. We are 21,000 committed colleagues developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in around 30 countries worldwide. We’re the largest oil and gas operator in Norway, one of the world’s largest offshore operators, and a growing force in renewables. 

- Equinor produces around 2 million barrels of oil equivalent every day 
- Providing renewable power to 1 million European homes 
- 21,000 employees across 30 countries 


What do we do?  

Oil and gas  
Equinor produces around 2 million barrels of oil equivalent every day and is responsible for about 70 percent of overall Norwegian oil and gas production. In 2021, Equinor’s activity outside Norway accounted for around one third of the company’s total oil and gas production, and this is expected to increase. The Peregrino field in Brazil and the Mariner field in the UK are our largest operatorships outside Norway. 

Renewable energy  
Equinor provides more than one million European homes with renewable power from offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom and Germany. We are the operator of the Sheringham Shoal, Dudgeon and Hywind Scotland offshore wind farms. Projects currently under development include Empire Wind and Beacon Wind (US), and Dogger Bank (UK), which will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm. By 2030, we plan to have grown our installed net renewables capacity from 2021’s 0.7 GW to 12-16 GW. Two-thirds of this capacity will be within offshore wind. 

Technology development  
Equinor’s strong ability to apply new technologies and digital solutions constitutes a competitive advantage. Digital technology is a key enabler for us to develop into a leading company in the energy transition. Our ambition is to allocate 40% of our research and development capital towards renewables and low-carbon solutions by 2025. 


Why work for us?  

At Equinor, you will be taking part in some of the most exciting challenges in today’s energy industry. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to build a career with a company that believes in rewarding your achievements and supporting your quality of life.   

A collaborative and inclusive culture  
It’s the diversity of thought across our 20,000 colleagues that enables us to succeed in a complex and ever-changing sector. We are proud of the different backgrounds, life experiences and capabilities our people bring with them. It makes us stronger and more resilient. Our culture, created by our values and a collaborative mindset, is what empowers our people to help shape the future of energy.  
An inovative place to work  
Sustainability and innovation drive the way we deliver oil, gas, wind and solar power to over 170 million people worldwide, and the only way we’ll achieve a low-carbon future is to push the boundaries of technology together. We will continue providing energy for people and progress for society, while constantly looking for the next ground-breaking innovation.   

A meaningful career  
If you want to transform the energy sector, the best place to do it is from within. We offer you the chance to make a difference by providing energy to people across the world and working on making it more sustainable every step of the way.   

Extensive learning opportunities  
Every day our people are encouraged to develop their skills and abilities through on-the-job experience and educational activities. The opportunities to learn and grow with us are extensive thanks to our Equinor University courses, partnerships with top universities for training and research, and access to our internal job market.   

A focus on health and well-being   
Our employees’ health and well- being is a priority to us. We recognise that for you to perform at your best, flexibility and support are invaluable. We offer flexible working arrangements, a minimum of 16 weeks of paid parental leave, contribution to gym memberships, and life, travel and health care insurances covering both physical and mental health.   

A values-based company  
We’re committed to transparency, managing environmental impact, respecting human rights and creating lasting value for local communities. The values we share make Equinor distinct - we are open, courageous, collaborative and caring. They are the foundation of our culture, guiding us in how we do business and how we work together.    

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