Tema 1: Typografi - Designe brødposer for Godt Brød
This project was about making for designed bags for Brownie, Muffin, Buns and Rolls - for Godt Brød which is a bakery who needed new designes for their bags. This project could have been commercial, but it didn't go that way. So from now and after this project it went private - because of the Baron Neue font use. Font used: Adobe Garamond Pro, and Baron Neue for personal use only- https://www.behance.net/gallery/9537663/BARON-(Free-typefamily) Oversetter ikke tekst, mest på grunn av linken som fører til resten/det samme av innholdet til prosjektet: https://www.behance.net/gallery/34937997/Godt-Broed-Project-Design-4-Bags Les mer
This is a bag for Brownies. The main thing about this bag is that the typography/bag design is abstract. This could be made better, but since it is a Brownie bag and has the essentials to it by the chocolate drops - it looks ok.
This is the bag for Muffins. Here I had to make our own costumer with name, age, what does he/she likes, what does he/she do - and everything. So I had to make a design that fitted well to a body builder which was interested in muffins with the right ingredients. This is also an abstract design (with Typography)
This is a bag for Buns to a selfmade costumer as well, but I chose the costumer to be my brother. Who is a trainworker-ish kind of thing. Also an abstract design bag (with the typography)
From every design I've made from this project - this has to be my favorite. It has the modern style, which is catchy and beautiful to look at. The colors match with the font. This is the bag for Rolls. Font: Baron Neue - for personal/private use. Also an abstract bag.
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Likte du dette prosjektet?
Stian Bodi Borgersen
Grafisk Designer student på HK, Oslo
21 år gammel grafisk designer student på Høyskolen Kristiania. På utkikk etter nye utfordringer/oppdrag innenfor det grafiske området. Svært interessert i det å arbeide med grafisk design generelt, men mest web design og typografi. I tillegg har jeg selv et stort engasjement ovenfor musikk produksjon.
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