Habiba Stray
Administrasjonsmedarbeider, Frivillighet Norge Oslo, Norge
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Frivillighet Norge
Frivillighet Norge er et samarbeidsforum for hele frivillig sektor med over 300 medlemmer som til sammen representerer over 50.000 lag og foreninger. Sammen skaper vi st&oslas...
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Vanja Konradsen
Prosjektleder, Frivillig.no
Frivillighet Norge
Erik Holmen
Sales Director, Norway
| Sales Development | Sales Leadership Development | Business and Concept Development | Business Culture Development | Customer Centric Selling | Entrepreneurship | SaaS | My passion is entrepreneurship, sales, innovation, marketing and not least the people who are the driving force of every business. In 2015 I decided to start my own business with one goal; Help Sales Organizations to succeed better, with my "Always be Caring" concept which is about creating value for every aspect of the sales organization. What I have learned throughout the years working within and with different organizations is that focusing on end-result will not lead to change and development - Success comes from focusing on doing the right things step by step and it starts with the people. A new journey has started as Sales Director, Norway for GetAccept - We want you to radically change the way you work with signing deals. TRACK, ENGAGE & SIGN - Trusted Deal Management, Sales Enablement & eSignature Solution for Your Business. Loved by sales and operations leaders, enablement pioneers, legal teams and customer success professionals globally! Did you know that 60% of sent proposals never get signed? And only 16% is lost to a competitor. You can look at this as bad sales performance, we see this as a huge potential of improving your sales. "We have an elevated passion for sales and we are proud to work with sales. We want to help salespeople close more deals faster." If you want to be part of an A-team with a mission to disrupt the traditional sales process - we'd love to hear from you! We're Hiring! https://bit.ly/2FDTDzL
Victor Battisti
Business Developer
Søker Norges beste selgere, som vil være med og bygge Europas største content marketing byrå.
European Media Partner Norway
Jo Jørgen Stordal
Niclas Lanneteg
Niclas Lanneteg har vært med siden oppstarten av Highjump Event, tidligere kalt Adventure Parxs, som ble startet i 2003. Etter over 15 år i utdrikningslag- bransjen har han selv vært med på det meste.
Highjump Event AS
Pernilla Rummelhoff
HR Consultant
Teleperformance er verdens største leverandør innen outsourcing CRM og kundeservice.Vi tilbyr fremragende kundeservice og teknisk support.
Teleperformance Norge
Norill Ask
Daglig leder
Daglig leder og eier Nectar, Oslo. Søker ekstrahjelp til butikken Nectar, Gunerius kjøpesenter Oslo
André Evju
HR ansvarlig
Øystein E. D. Christensen
Adm. dir.
Barker AS
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