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Nordea Graduate programme has been running since year 2000 with approximately 840 participants so far. It is a talent programme that is designed to create extra value for you,

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Om traineeprogrammet

Nordea Graduate programme has been running since year 2000 with approximately 840 participants so far. It is a talent programme that is designed to create extra value for you, Nordea and our customers, and hence the three corner stones of our programme are business knowledge, employeeship and personal growth.

On an overall level, the programme consists of two major parts with two main elements each: A general part consisting of international seminars and a mentoring process and a business track with a mix of on-the-job-training and business specific activities.

The general part of the programme runs for 1 year and consists of four international seminars where you meet fellow graduates from different countries and different parts of Nordea. You also have regular meetings with your mentor. As a graduate, you get the best possible opportunity to create networks and unfold your potential while increasing your personal awareness and business knowledge.

The seminars take place in the Nordic capital areas and include presentations, workshops, business cases and training sessions, as well as informal networking activities.

Group Functions business track

This is what you gain as a graduate 

As a graduate in Group Functions you will work dedicated within a specific unit and specialise within that particular field of work.

As an integral part of the Graduate programme you will be assigned to current, relevant real-life projects, in order to grow your competencies and business knowledge. As your competencies grow, you will steadily gain further responsibility of own areas of work.

As a graduate in Group Functions you will be able to build a broad network, enabling you to pursue a future career within many areas of Nordea.

This is Group Functions 

Group Functions consist of five main areas:

  1. Group Corporate Centre:
    Providing common infrastructure, processes and services.

  2. Group Risk Management:
    Responsible for risk models, credit policies, credit processes and tools.

  3. Group Human Resources:
    Supporting our people in delivering great customer experiences.

  4. Group Marketing & Communications:
    Responsible for internal and external communication including media relations and brand management.

  5. Group Internal Audit:
    Responsible for performing the operational audit. 

Retail Banking business track

This is what you gain as a graduate 

The Nordea Graduate programme focuses on developing your personal and professional competencies.

As a graduate in Retail Banking you will get to know the Retail Banking business as you rotate in different tasks or projects during the year.

You will contribute in creating great customer experiences either in straight customer contact or by working in the value chain.

Typically you will develop your skills in order to work in the future as a branch manager or as a specialist within the staff functions.

This is Retail Banking 

Retail Banking consists of retail banking business in the Nordic region and the Baltic countries. Approximately 10 million customers are served from a total of 700 branch locations and contact centres as well as through the online banking channels.

Nordea offers a wide-ranged multi-channel relationship set-up with easy access to self-service and competent advice. It is the customer who chooses where, how and when to interact with Nordea.

Retail Banking builds on a strong commitment to relationship banking.

Wealth Management business track

This is what you gain as a graduate 

As a graduate in Wealth Management you will hold a permanent position in one of our five business units. You will be part of a dynamic organisation which gives you a unique opportunity to develop both personally and in a future professional role.

Besides the daily work you will take active part in the Nordea Graduate programme by following the programme seminars as well as the business track activities.

The Wealth Management business track activities take place in the second year. The activities are designed as a programme focusing on giving you a thorough understanding of the different business areas within Wealth Management.

This is Wealth Management 

Wealth Management is one of five business areas in Nordea and we are organized in five sub-units:

  1. Private Banking

  2. Strategy Support & Control  

  3. Savings & Wealth Offerings 

  4. Asset Management 

  5. Life & Pension

We are proud to say that we are the leading Nordic Private Bank, Asset manager and Life & pensions player as well as the largest Nordic Private bank in Luxembourg and Switzerland. 

We are 3,600 employees within Wealth Management, and our responsibility is to develop, manage and deliver savings products and services to all Nordea customers.

Wholesale Banking business track

This is what you gain as a graduate 

From day one you will be offered a position in a “home unit” where you will get a specific responsibility related to a range of customers and products.

Besides the Nordea Graduate programme seminars you will be invited to business track seminars where you are introduced to the whole value chain in Wholesale Banking.

Your individual needs and interest will be discussed to make the development plan for you. This might involve a rotation to other relevant positions for shorter period of time during the year.

This is Wholesale Banking 

Wholesale Banking provides financial solutions to large Nordic and international corporate and institutional customers.

The offering includes a diverse range of financing, cash management and payment services, investment banking, capital markets products and securities services.

We combine local expertise with global strength to provide you with a complete portfolio of financial services and solutions. We have one of the strongest, most diversified product range in the Nordics and offer outstanding liquidity in local currencies. But more significantly, we offer customers access to an unequalled team of experts, in all facets of capital markets, dedicated to serving our customers in the best possible manner.



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Søknadsinformasjon Dette er en generell presentasjon av programmet og ikke en utlysning. Muligheten til å sende søknad kan derfor være frem i tid i noen tilfeller.

A Master’s degree, maximum of  two years’ post-academic work experience, excellent English language skills and high potential are graduate requirements at Nordea. Furthermore, you need to pass an ability test, where your numerical, verbal and inductive capabilities are tested.

In addition, you need the right personal balance and attitude and we expect you to be self-confident and self-driven as well as having the mind-set to constantly improve your competence and develop yourself.

In some of the graduate positions, you are expected to show a long record of academic achievements, whereas in others we emphasise your ability to engage in relationships. Specific recruitment criteria are defined in each job ad.

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