Nextgen 2020 - Rejlers

The biggest trainee program in the Nordics among technical consultants.

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    September 2020

Om traineeprogrammet

Learn at work, work on your learning - 9 months with a perfect mix of hands-on assignments and education!

As an employee in our Nordic trainee program, you will be offered a perfect cocktail of education and hands-on assignments. This 9-month program is a fantastic kick-start to working life, where you will be coached by some of the sharpest technical consultants. In the end of the program, you will be a fully qualified consultant, prepared to test your wings for real! 

We are looking for 35 new colleagues who will enter our trainee program in September of 2020. In Norway we offer 10 positions within Buildings, Energy, Information Management, Consulting, Software and IT-operations. In parallel with tailor made education and the internship periods we will gather all 35 participants for a couple of joint gatherings working with specific cases, learning and laughing together! We believe in the power of brilliant networks and wow - what a network you will build! 

For more detailed info about the Nordic program – click here


  • You have recently taken (or will soon take) an engineering degree at a university, a university college or technical college and have a diploma/certificate to show your academic results. 
  • You have higher education within engineering and/or information technology
  • Your year of graduation is between 2018-2020. 
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills in both a Nordic language and English. 

In addition, we attach great importance to your personal qualities. You should recognize yourself in descriptions such as: 

  • Willingness and ability to readily respond to changing circumstances and expectations. 
  • Builds brilliant networks and maintains relationships in a trustworthy manner. 
  • A genuine teamplayer with a sharing mindset! 
  • You like being a part of a team but have no problem with acting as your own "project manager" – that is, creating order, structure and results in time. 

Within Rejlers you will find opportunities beyond the ordinary and we encourage our employees to dare to push the boundaries and seek alternative solutions to problems. We are aiming to be “Home of the learning minds” with a sharing and curious culture. Hence, we are looking for you who enjoy a learning environment. 



We are looking for several different profiles, and have a lot of opportunities available. Through IT-operations you can either work with hybrid cloud services, distributed network services or secure modern workplace. However, if you are into programming and Java in particular you can work with developing in our Software department or in our Consulting department. 

Read more about what we work on within IT here. 


You can work in Energy, Buildings or Information Management. We are consulting our customers both within power engineering, electrical engineering and documentation of critical infrastructure - and you can too! We like to say that the future is green, digital and powered by electricity. 

Read more about what we work on within engineering here.



Trainee Tiltredelse
35 September 2020
Arbeidssted Yrker
Trainee - IT / Informatikk Trainee - Ingeniør / Teknisk
Fagområder Bransjer
Informasjonsteknologi/Data Teknologi og ingeniørfag IT: Hardware / Software Høyteknologi / Elektronikk

Søknadsinformasjon Dette er en generell presentasjon av programmet og ikke en utlysning. Muligheten til å sende søknad kan derfor være frem i tid i noen tilfeller.

When applying you will inform us of which business area you are the most interested in working, and you can inform us about specific interests later on in the process.

To help us place the right people in the right role, we believe in science-based and fair assessment methods. Therefore, as part of our recruitment process, we use Alva Labs assessments to help us increase our hiring success by identifying the candidates that are most likely to thrive and be successful in the role. 

After testing and screening all applicants we will invite some of you for interviews and an assessment day, and if it is a match - we might be colleagues!

Take the chance and become our next superhero!