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Jobbmuligheter som Øvrig - Informasjonsteknologi og informatikk
Her kan du lese om relevante jobbmuligheter og stillinger knyttet til yrket Øvrig - Informasjonsteknologi og informatikk. Dersom du ikke finner relevante stillinger eller informasjon, besøk bedriftsprofilen til arbeidsgiveren for å lese mer om jobbmuligheter og ledige stillinger hos Opera Software.
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Internship - Open application
Opera’s internships offer a broad and exciting range of opportunities for summer placements. Opera has a long-established international culture, and the value of cultural diversity has been central to our recruitment process. We take great pride in the fact that we host interns of many different nationalities every year. Internships at Opera are often not only a summer placement, but also serve as step-stone career experiences to permanent or part-time employment with Opera. If you are looking for an international career opportunity and ready for a challenge, check our job listing if we have any internships available. We usually start the summer internship process by February 15. http://www.operasoftware.com/company/jobs/internship 
Om Opera Software


We enable more people, in more places, to experience what matters, when it matters most. Opera has gone from simply solving people’s needs (how to get on the internet) to delivering great online experiences (how to get more from the internet).

We’re also shaping the digital landscape, expanding into apps, services and advertising. Across our company, we may do a variety of things in a variety of ways, but we all share a common goal: to make more possible.


We challenge what is possible by empowering people to do more. We want to make more of the world we live in. This is why doing more is in our organizational DNA - so that others can do more, too, with our help. Opera innovates to solve real problems and provide solutions, instead of just for innovation’s sake. We want to maximize the potential of the internet.


We believe in the power of ideas fueled by our audience. This is how our innovations are born. In everything we do, we’re inspired by our audience of millions of people around the globe. Our starting point is answering these questions: What do our users expect to get from the internet? What do they want to achieve? What matters for them the most? Nurturing innovation, we’re not afraid to experiment, and we strive to transform the power of ideas into great experiences.