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Kongsberg Automotive (KA) is headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, and has 33 production facilities in 20 countries. The company, with estimated revenues of about MEUR 850 (2010) and approx. 10.000 employees, provides system solutions to vehicle makers around the world.

The product portfolio includes gearshift systems, cables for a wide variety of application, fuel lines, tubing and hoses, couplings, clutch actuators, stabilizing rods, seat heaters, seat vetilation, lumbar supports, head restraints, arm rests, steering columns, pedals, electronics and displays.

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Kongsberg Automotive leverer førsteklasses teknologi til transport- og kjøretøyindustrien globalt. Gjennom innovasjon og ingeniørkunst leder vi an i den globale
22.06.2023 Vestre Toten
About the positionKongsberg Automotive, department Hvittingfoss, seeks talented and enthusiastic people who want to be involved in producing components for
14.07.2023 Kongsberg

Management Trainee Program Antall traineer

Kongsberg Automotive is the perfect place to start your career
Antall traineer
6 (4-6 trainees are recruited in Sweden and Norway)
Kongsberg, Oslo
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Jobbmuligheter (39)
Management Trainee Program
Our vision "enhancing the driving experience", drives everything we do. It ensures we are an innovative and efficient company who goes beyond the expectations of our global customers. You could be part of the Kongsberg Automotive team and help us achieve this and more. The trainee program will help you develop and take a larger, more responsible role within our company. The two year management trainee program is designed to develop graduates, both professionally and personally, to work in the global automotive industry. Graduates will be offered a challenging job, with cross functional training and a well structured personal development plan. Our management trainee program provides candidates with valuable knowledge and experience to increase their technical and professional skills, as well as business understanding. After completing the program, our trainees will have excellent international career opportunities within KA. We believe in recognizing the talent of our graduates. In fact, many of our former trainees currently fill key positions in KA and we continue to encourage talented people to join our team. Program structure All our trainees are offered permanent employment in Kongsberg Automotive. At the start of the program we will select one of the following disciplines to be your ‘home-base’ during your training: Sales/Marketing Finance Research & Development Purchasing Production Quality Assurance or Aftermarket The selection will be done based on your experience, interest and business requirements of Kongsberg Automotive. The first year of the program is designed to provide you with in-depth expertise in your “home-base” discipline and your direct manager will be your coach. During this period you will also have sole responsibility for a project, in addition to many other practical challenges. Together with fellow trainees, you will be given an introduction into other departments and business areas with training seminars and meetings. You will also have monthly meetings with your trainee coordinator, an experienced manager who will follow you throughout the program. Towards the end of the first year, you will observe management meetings and participate in the strategy seminar for your business area. In your second trainee year, you will receive cross-functional training through workshops and meetings with mangers from all business areas: Production Finance Market  Purchasing Quality Research & Development This will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of our business. Also throughout the second year, knowledge-transfer from our experienced management and specialists will play an important role in the program. You will have the opportunity to meet with our CEO, CFO plus many other senior managers. These meetings will provide you with an important network for your future career in Kongsberg Automotive. At the end of the trainee program you will do a work-experience placement at a plant abroad. This will be an opportunity for you to work, live and learn about another culture and country.  


3601 Kongsberg